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Yenēsthae Striking Cell

Yenēsthae Striking Cell

The Striking Cell is a patent-pending product which solves the challenge of creating a compact striking apparatus, which is simultaneously dense and heavy enough to provide resistance, yet soft enough so as to prevent pain.


The Striking Cell features an innovative suspension system, creating a robust structure that doesn’t sag, and puts no load on its premium, synthetic leather cladding.


The internal foam system has been carefully tuned, achieving maximum impact absorption during use without boxing gloves (wrist support is always recommended).


Crucially, the Striking Cell is designed to be equally beneficial to beginners and experienced strikers: beginners benefit from a greater tolerance of error, whilst a pain-free striking experience sends the mental signal to an experienced fighter that it's safe to hit harder, enabling workouts with higher sustained power output.


Unlike conventional punching bags, The Striking Cell features a plush, uniform density across all surfaces, lowering injury risk and enabling a more satisfying user experience.


The Striking Cell features an interchangeable weight system, is ethically made and completely cruelty-free.


The Striking Cell is a 2021 Good Design Gold Winner, proudly designed and made in Australia.

  • Specs


    • 50cm x 155cm


    • Configurable up to 70kg
    • Recommended weight for experienced strikers: 50kg
    • Empty Striking Cell: 14kg
    • Shipped weight bags: 3 (36kg total)
      • Additional weight bags available for purchase
  • Leather housing

    Cruelty-free Leather:

    • Colour: Alabaster
    • Non-abrasive
    • UV/FR treated
    • Anti-bacterial and Anti-microbial treated
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