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(Ancient Greek) [ʎɪ‧nɘs‧θɛ]

The aorist middle infinitive of "γίνομαι".


1. to become

2. to be born

3. to be possible

4. to grow, to be ready, to arrive

γίνεσθαι τέλειοι.

become excellent (in perpetuity).

We believe in strength, curiosity, and the pursuit of excellence, as three pillars that allow people to grow into the most powerful version of themselves.

We are ardently inspired by the complex needs of the human body, both physical and mental. We understand that fitness is about more than just working up a sweat: it's about inner growth, emotional recalibration, and protecting your body from long-term damage.

Everything we create is designed to elevate your training performance, protect you from injury, and make your workout space more beautiful.

We work with some of Australia's best sports scientists, designers and artisans, in order to craft the world's most functional, aesthetic and inclusive combat athletics equipment.

Because at the end of it all, only one question truly matters:

Who can you become?

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