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Our Why: List


This is not Corporate Greenwashing.
This is our "Why".


Mental Health is at the very centre of our raison d'être.

Sadly, there do exist challenges for society in the future, and we'd be ignorant to ignore them: 

Experts believe that the psychological aftershocks of COVID-19 will be felt for many years to come. Combined with a sense of unease about the welfare of the planet due to climate change, the need for proactive mental health management has never been greater.

We are ardent believers in the restorative and transformative power of martial arts to aid in mental health support, a belief backed by science.

Our equipment is designed to lower barriers into martial arts, by making it easier for beginners to kickbox their way to emotional recalibration, without hurting themselves. 

We hope that the Striking Cell makes it as easy for a novice fighter to punch something for the first time, as the treadmill makes it for a novice runner to run for their first time.

If you or anyone you know needs support, please call Lifeline on 131 114.


Domestic Violence is a social crisis that strikes at the very heart of those values which we most cherish in society.


We believe that the world of combat athletics can become a vector for social change, and we aim to be drivers of this change.

We join the fight against DV in three ways:

  1. By contributing to a positive shift in cultural norms associated with masculinity, and by providing men that suffer from anger management issues with a healthier option for the management of aggression.

  2. By inviting more women into the world of Combat Athletics, thereby challenging stereotypes and shifting optical norms in gym spaces.

  3. By directly supporting anti-DV initiatives, via our partnership with White Ribbon Australia.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of Domestic Violence, please click here for support resources.

If you wish to learn how to join the fight against DV, please click here.


In many developing countries, martial arts gyms play a pivotal social role in supporting youth via education, mentorship, employment and purpose.

These gyms operate on shoestring budgets, and often need to risk their fighters' safety by entering them into unregulated  fights, which pay the gyms' bills.

Once profitable, we aim to redirect a portion of our earnings towards  gyms that do the right thing. We also hope to eventually leverage our position for the improvement of fighter safety standards (such as mandating headgear for fighters under 18), and for the discovery and support of neglected talent.


Yenēsthae's operations are designed to be as friendly to the environment as possible, from the ground up.

Sustainability is not an afterthought for us: it's one of our core guiding principles. We intentionally designed the Striking Cell in order to accomodate sustainable leathers in ways that conventional punching bags can't. We ensure that the foams we use are GECA-Certified, and our Striking Cells achieve weight via the use of recycled steel, which is infinitely recyclable.

Our logistics are strategically designed to minimise unnecessary transportation. Where the safety of the planet is concerned, we pledge to always do our best, and never stop trying to be even better.

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