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The following content discusses themes of Domestic Violence and abuse.

If you are or have been a victim of Domestic or Family Violence, help is available via our Domestic Violence Support Page.


Violence against women is on the rise globally.

In Australia, more than one woman per week is murdered by a partner or ex-partner.

During lockdown, more women were exposed to Domestic Violence in Australia than ever before.

Yenēsthae might still be young, but we want to do something about this.

We've teamed up with our friends at Vert Design to bring you a very special, Limited Edition Striking Cell, available now.

All profits from the Limited Edition "White Ribbon Day" Striking Cells will be donated to White Ribbon Australia, for use in their Community Response Fund. The Community Response Fund provides funding for community-led initiatives to prevent men's violence against women at a local level.

View full Press Release.

By purchasing our Limited Edition "White Ribbon Day" Striking Cell, you not only get to own our Award-Winning Striking Cell before anyone else — but you also support dozens of Australian women and families that struggle in the shadows.

We hope that this promotion doesn't just raise funds, but also engages people in more conversation about the need to end prevent Domestic Violence.


We also hope that the special design of our White Ribbon Day Striking Cells serves as an active reminder to always do the right thing, never resort to violence, and help whenever we can.

For men seeking to learn more about how to help victims of abuse, or how to help other men that deal with anger and violence issues, please visit our educational resources page.

In our love-filled quest to serve the Combat Athletics community, Yenēsthae would like to stress an important point:

Our solution to Domestic and Sexual Violence does not lie in teaching women and non-binary people to how to physically defend themselves. 

Our solution is to gift troubled men with the encouragement to grow and improve themselves through the wonderful world of Combat Athletics. 

Anger is a natural emotion, but we can learn ways to manage and control negative emotions. If you're having a bad day, or if you're stuck in a toxic relationship, talk about it with somebody, and seek help — you'll never regret doing so. And if you do this, and you're still having trouble controlling your anger between therapy sessions, go to the gym and hit our Striking Cell as hard as you can — Striking Cells are designed to take damage, but people aren't. 

And if you don't have anybody to talk to, shoot us an email at One of our male team members will be happy to respond.

Every day is an opportunity to grow. Every day is a new chance to become better.

Who can you become?

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